Kirsten Thorarinson

As our Sales & Operations Manager, Kirsten makes sure that the farm runs efficiently. She frequently delivers cheese to mongers and chefs and is often manning our stand at Vancouver Island farmers’ markets.

Cory Spencer

Cory is our cheesemaker. He oversees he entire process from caring for the animals to aging the cheese. He also looks after our herd.

Our Story

When we grew up, the only types of cheeses we knew were the ones sealed in plastic. As you can imagine, that was not a great introduction to the world of fine cheese…

This all changed when we discovered a specialty cheese shop in Vancouver. Our love for fine cheese grew with each one we tried. So much so, that Cory started working as a cheesemaker at a small dairy farm on Salt Spring Island.

In 2010, right after we got married, Cory travelled to England and France to apprentice with several small farmstead cheesemakers. Upon his return we promptly bought a small herd of goats and settled on a piece of land in the Cowichan Valley–right in the town where Kirsten grew up.

Our goat’s milk cheeses quickly became popular at farmers markets, cheese shops, and restaurants in BC. We have since expanded our production to include raw cow’s milk and sheep’s milk cheeses as well. Today we are the proud owners of a large herd of goats and a small flock of sheep who call our lush pastures home. With a little more room to grow, we are excited to see what the future brings!

Our farm does not have a shop. Please see our list of vendors to learn where you can purchase our cheese.