Our Cheese

Cows’ milk cheeses


Abergavenny is a soft, mild blue cheese. It has a lovely creamy texture, tangy bite, and beautiful mushroomy rind.



Clevedon is a semi-firm cheese perfect for melting.  Its well-balanced and delicate flavors pair perfectly with a young, red wine.


Tadwick is our traditional English cheddar.  This cheese is sweet and sharp with a melt in your mouth texture.


Thombury is the cows’ milk counterpart of our signature Tomme de Vallée.  This traditional French Alpine cheese is full of rich and earthy flavor.


Nailsea is a mild Gouda with a pleasantly smooth texture.  This buttery and velvety cheese has a fresh and light flavor, making it adaptable to many uses.

Goats’ milk cheeses


Belmont is a semi-firm, Swiss Alpine style of cheese with smooth and butter flavors. It’s our top choice for pizza or fondue.


Our traditional goat’s milk feta is bursting with flavor!  Try it with your favorite fresh market veggies, on top of eggs, or on its own straight from the tub!

Tomme de Vallée

If we have a signature cheese, this is it!  Tomme de Vallée is a traditional French Alpine cheese with nutty and earthy flavors.

Additional varieties are available on a seasonal basis.