About Us

Cory Spencer and Kirsten Thorarinson moved to Vancouver Island in 2010 with a dream of producing some of the best cheese around.  Growing little by little each year, that dream became a reality in 2014 when The Happy Goat Cheese Company made the first batch of cheese in our newly licensed production facility.

Our farm is home to over 100 curious, feisty, and jovial goats who spend most of their days grazing our lush, green pasture.  We are thankful for the amazing milk they produce for us – without it our cheeses wouldn’t be the same!

In 2018 we made a big change and began producing cow’s milk cheese alongside our beloved goat’s milk varieties.  We are lucky to have Balme Ayr Farm and their delicious Ayrshire milk just a short drive from us – their milk is perfect for rich, indulgent cheeses!

With this change came a new name…Haltwhistle Cheese Company.  Fine cheeses, hand crafted in the Cowichan Valley.

Our Team

Cory Spencer

Cory Spencer


Cory began his dairying career in 2009, when he travelled to France and England to learn to make cheese from small farmstead cheesemakers.  Upon returning to Canada in 2010, he bought a small herd of goats and, along with his wife Kirsten, started selling goats’ milk to local cheesemakers.  By 2014, they had finished the construction of their own cheese plant, and began producing a range of raw milk cheeses, sold through farmers markets, cheese shops, and restaurants in British Columbia. Today, Cory acts as both the plant manger oversees all cheesemaking, affinage, and herd management.

Kirsten Thorarinson

Kirsten Thorarinson

Sales & Operations Manager

Kirsten was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley.  After several years living in Vancouver, she returned with her husband Cory to start building what is now the Haltwhistle Cheese Company.  On the farm, Kirsten works behind the scenes making sure the cheese room and dairy have everything they need to run efficiently.  She is frequently on the road bringing cheese to our mongers and chefs, and is the face of Haltwhistle at several Vancouver Island farmers’ markets.