Can you believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away? We definitely can’t, especially with this beautifully warm weather we’ve been experiencing. It’s on its way though and we are carefully planning our cheesemaking schedule around the holidays we’d like to take. Goats don’t take days off so sadly neither does farmer Cory!
Things have started to quiet down on the farm. This month we will gradually reduce the amount we milk our herd to have them fully dried off by the end of December. That way all the energy put into producing milk can be refocused on the little kidlets growing inside them for the second half of their gestation.
As for the cheese side of production we have begun to quiet down as well even though we can’t seem to keep our goat’s milk cheeses on the shelves. We are down to just the Duncan Farmer’s Market for the winter but our local retailers seem to be multiplying every week which is very exciting for us. This quiet period gives us time to do smaller “fun” batches of cheese outside of our usual line up. Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re working on! Oh and try the Bellegarde, the latest member of our line up. It is an ashed fresh cheese made from goat’s milk with a unique and tangy flavour profile. It also looks stunning on a cheese plate!