This spring has been an especially busy one for us on the farm with lots of new and exciting changes we’ve been itching to tell everyone about, and now the curds (too cheesy?) have been spilled! We’ve happily expanded our production to include not only our lovely ladies’ goat milk but cow’s milk as well. This isn’t just any cow’s milk either; it is Ayrshire cow’s milk from Balme Ayr farm in Cobble Hill. We’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with all sorts of new cheeses to make with this beautiful milk and trust me when I say that the results so far have been delicious!

Ayrshire cattle are spotted red and white and originally come from Scotland. They are well known for being excellent dairy cattle as they are resourceful and strong, and produce milk with a rich and creamy texture that has a very pleasant taste. Some even claim that the Ayrshire milk has smaller fat molecules similar to goat’s milk which is what makes certain milks easier to digest than others. Balme Ayr Farm currently hosts about 250 happy and healthy Ayrshires on its 118-year-old farm.

With this new milk comes new recipes and opportunities for us to delve further into the cheese world. With so few ingredients involved in making cheese, changing one component will make a significant difference on the outcome. Since the milk’s arrival in March, we’ve had the opportunity to explore English, French, Italian, Dutch and Swiss styles while putting our own Cowichan spin on them. One of the first to debut will be Pennymede, a soft and gooey washed rind cheese!

Pennymede, one of our first cow’s milk cheeses, will be released this month.

In other news, our goats are ecstatic to be back out in our lush pastures after a cold and rainy spring. Their summer coats have already started to come in and their bellies are extra big right now! We’ll be welcoming plenty of goat babies into the world over the next month, a little later than usual, thanks to our handsome savior of a buck Moose.

Check back for June’s update and the cutest goat baby photos you’ll ever see!